New Year, New Budget Cuts

By: Abby Clack

On May 7, 2019, the vote to raise property taxes failed, meaning the school system would have to make cuts to stay in budget since school districts are not allowed to go into debt. Here are four of the cuts that were made:

  1. “Transportation Ineligibility Zone”
    This is why we have a new bell schedule and less bussing, making the intermediate school and the high school start at the same time. The middle school starts ten minutes earlier to have time to load the busses and make it to the high school by 3pm. More students must drive and park at the school, creating more parking lots and more traffic. And more students walk. The busses are also more crowded, and students endure longer routes on the bus. There will be no school bus purchases to replace the older busses.
  2. Reductions to teaching and staff positions.
    Three aids and two cafeteria aides at the middle school did not return. No Intervention Specialist was hired as proposed in the 5-year forecast. There was no replacement music teacher for the middle school and high school, and no replacement custodian at the middle school. Also five full-time and six part time bus drivers were let go.
  3. Reduced number of Digital Academy classes at the highschool.
  4. Removal of one section of All Day, Every Day Kindergarten.

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