Murder, Mystery, Drama: What to expect for the fall play

by Abby Clack

I sat down with Kyle Bettencourt, a freshman in the fall play, and it looks like this upcoming play is going to be a shock for all of us. 

What is the show’s name?

It is called, Caught in the Act, and it is a play about a play. And how drama and tea spreads rapidly in show business. 

What is your role?

I am John, and my character’s description is, “loves to eat and likes to act.” So, I will be eating a lot throughout the play. 

How far along are you guys, close to done?

Yeah! We have [the play] halfway completely memorized and the other half is almost there. So we are getting very close.

How are the freshman?

You know what, I think I freshman are going pretty great! The two freshman guys have more lines than any other guys and the three freshman guys are pretty great too. We are all memorizing out lines. You know, because we are freshman, we don’t want to mess up.

How are the seniors?

They are good! They know what they are doing for sure!

Anything else?

There are so many rumors that go around in the play. Like, somebody’s got heart problems, and there’s a murderer, and we are selling the theater and it’s all this drama that is pointless because none of it is true. It’s really chaotic. You’re not supposed to know what is going on.

Catch the play in school on November 13 or in the evening performances November 14-16.


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