Securing the Cyber-Realm

by Kai Delsing

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” – Robert Mueller

By 2020, the number of devices connected to the internet is projected to be 75 billion, as stated by SafeAtLast. In order to stay safe in this threatening cyber-realm, we need to be cyber-secure. We all boast that we will never be hacked, that we would never fall for fake emails. However, the reality is that over 90% of breaches and incidents, according to PhishingBox, are caused by phishing: emails intended to gain access to your accounts, money, or information. 

Motives for hacking can range from state-backed terrorism to industrial espionage to scammers just desiring a quick buck. Researchers at ISCI-Berkley infiltrated about 2% of a spam network for 26 days. In that period of time, of the 350 million emails sent, 28 resulted in a “sale” of $100. The estimated profit for that entire network is about $5000 a day or over $1.8 million per year (GenCyber).

What can you do to stay cyber-secure?

First, use common sense. Emails from unknown senders, suspicious links and files, and dubious grammar are all red flags.

Second, keep your accounts secure. Use those hyper-strong passwords that are automatically generated for you.

Third, use one of hundreds of password managers, or even a simple password-locked spreadsheet, to keep them safe and organized until you need them.

Fourth, store a unique password for each account. If a hacker extorts one, you do not want them exposing the rest. 

Finally, join the swiftly expanding career of Cybersecurity. TechCrunch reports that there is a massive gap between the number of available cybersecurity professionals and vacant jobs. Almost 3 million positions go unfilled annually around the globe. Entry-level jobs can even begin at six figures, with merely a college degree! With no plan to return to the Dark Ages soon, we will be using technology, and with technology, we need cybersecurity. 

Stay safe, stay smart, and Go Cyber!


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