How to Study for Exams

By: Kayla Stephensen

Depending on the subject and difficulty of a class, there are many ways to study. Here are some suggestions that may help for various subjects:

  1. Reread challenging material
  2. Redo problems/questions that caused issues
  3. Rewrite notes
  4. Reread notes
  5. Explain concepts to a friend
  6. Draw processes or thought processes for problems
  7. Use YouTube videos to relearn or further ingrain ideas (I like Crash Course and Bozeman Science)
  8. Use a whiteboard and write as much as you know about a topic and then check your knowledge
  9. Write out definitions for terms learned
  10. Study in a quiet place without interruptions
  11. Take breaks when attention depletes
  12. Study material starting a week or more before harder exams and a couple days before easier exams.
  13. For projects due the day of exams, divide up the work required evenly based off of time available after school and days until the due date
  14. Ask questions about anything forgotten over the semester.

Just before exams

  1. Go over material that was forgotten to keep it fresh
  2. Sleep well the night before
  3. Eat breakfast in the morning–if you usually do
  4. Breathe and trust the process
  5. Skip unknown questions and come back to them. Don’t waste time on questions that just aren’t known.

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