Keeping a Schedule!

by Abby Clack

With this busy 3rd quarter, there are many things at many different times. There are also many different family things. My family is a family of 6 and we all have very different schedules. Here’s how we keep it together:

1. Have a calendar

  • Keep a calendar together with friends, family, or even your sports group. My family has one on our phone, but we also have one on the fridge we add to throughout the month.

2. Meetings

  • Call a meeting! With your friend or anyone to go through what is happening and just talk through your busy week.

3. Write stuff down

  • Sticky notes are my best friend.

4. Set phone alarms/ reminders

  • If your phone is always with you, make it tell you what you have next.

I love being busy, I never sit down, but with that you have to stay organized. Good luck!


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