The Languages of Love

by Sarah Bevelhymer

With Valentine’s Day on Friday, many would agree it is the season of love. Whether you have a significant other or are still waiting to find the perfect person, you can’t deny love is in the air. In a book by Gary Chapman titled The Five Love Languages, Chapman describes five categories of ways to express heartfelt love and commitment between romantic partners. There are several quizzes and online tests to determine your love language. Once you figure out your language and that of those you love, consider some of the following ways to express love in a way that will be well-received.

Words of Affirmation: These people enjoy verbal and written encouragement. Try writing a heartfelt letter or leaving an encouraging letter to brighten their day.

Quality Time: These people enjoy a nice date and quality time together. Try planning a picture-perfect date like in the movies to spend quality time with your significant other such as dinner and a movie.

Receiving Gifts: These people enjoy receiving presents and surprises. Try to give a thoughtful gift that your significant other will enjoy such as a new shirt or chocolates.

Physical Touch: These people enjoy physical affection and being close to each other. Try to spend time close with your significant other and showing physical affection such as hugs.

Acts of Service: These people enjoy random acts of kindness and random tasks that make their life easier. Try going out of your way to do a random act of service for your significant other such as filling a car with gas or making a nice dinner.


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