Remote Learning: What are the Impacts?

by Khacor Tigner and Megan Hyer

With the mandatory stay at home order, schooling got a little complicated and a lot different. It is definitely a big change to go from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday to some classes Monday and Thursday and other Tuesday and Friday and no set hours. Remote learning has been implemented by not only high schools in the community, but also across the nation–including higher education–to continue the education of the young minds around the country. One BHS sophomore said, “It has made me crazy and do things I wouldn’t normally do.” One junior said, “I don’t hang out with my friends as much and I hang out with my family too much but I am able to work more.”

A student’s home is a completely different environment than that of a educational facility. For instance, some students have a dysfunctional household that could very well impede their learning. With this change of setting, the quality of student’s work could drop, and students may not be accurately learning material due to the stress of completing the multitude of assignments that they are assigned. Another junior said, “Without funny lectures and actually talking to my teachers, I have next to no motivation to do most of the work or socialize. The only thing that keeps me productive is the fact that most of my work is minimal. I also feel like I’m falling behind on the college application process due to not being able to take the SAT or visit colleges.”

Many students notes they have slept in longer and started work later with the occasional student that got up early and was working by 8am. Students said were sad about not being able to see their friends and go do things, but happy for the break and the ability to destress. Another sophomore said, “It has made me realize how much I took human interaction for granted.”


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