Ways to keep good mental and physical health while in isolation

by Megan Hyer and Abby Clack

While isolation can be very boring and make the days seem to last forever, there are lots of ways to keep good mental and physical health.

  • Go for a run/walk – The fresh air can be really beneficial for your mental and physical health as long as you are staying the suggested six feet away from others.
  • Read an article, listen to a podcast, read a book – Keeping your brain learning new information can help you keep good mental health. Abby recommends The Bean Trees, the first two Anne of Green Gables, and any classic.
  • Watch a favorite movie – Abby recommends her favorite movie ever, 10 Things I Hate About You. A classic.  
  • Make and stick to a routine – When you complete things in your routine, it makes you feel productive and like it is a normal day.
  • Keep good hygiene – Even though it can be easy to become lazy and not shower, showering and keeping up with you hygiene can help with you mental health.
  • Have a fashion show – Do you remember when we would put on new clothes we got at the store for our parents and show them off in a fashion show? If you don’t, did you have a childhood? Put on some wacky outfits and go!
  • Be optimistic – Try to find the positives of your situation. It will help you be happier and have better mental health.
  • Garden – Mow the grass or plant some flowers.
  • Do some yoga – Yoga can help you with your breathing and can help you relax in such a stressful and confusing time.
  • Have an at home spa – Paint your toes, soak in a bath and have a nice meal.
  • Connect with others – Facetime, call, Skype, text, whatever you use to interact with your friends: talk to them, stay positive. It can help not only your mental health but also theirs.
  • Drive around – As long as you don’t leave the car, it is totally fine! Crank that music up and just drive.
  • Try new things or learn new hobbies – Learning new things can help keep your mind off of stressful things and could bring you some joy.
  • Eat healthy – What you eat can be a big factor in your physical health, especially throughout this time where exercising can be more difficult to do.
  • Drink lots of water – Staying hydrated is very important because it affects many different things in your body including cell functions, organ functions, and lots more.

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