What To Watch During Stay-at-home Orders

by: Megan Hyer

Netflix and Hulu are coming out with new releases each and every day to keep their viewers occupied. Other common streaming platforms are Disney + and Amazon Prime Video.

On Netflix, some of the most-watched shows as of right now are Tiger King, Ozark, and All American. Tiger King is based around the rivalry between Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic and their tiger zoo. Ozark is about a family that moved from Chicago to the Ozarks and their experience through it all. All American is a family drama about an NFL Superbowl Champion.

Hulu also has very interesting shows like The Masked Singer, This Is US and the final season of The Good Place. The Masked Singer is a competition between celebrities who are wearing costumes to see who is a better singer. This Is Us is a show following the lives of 3 siblings and their parents. The Good Place is a town where people go who have done good in their lives after they die.

Disney + is a good streaming platform for all of the classic Disney movies and shows as well as some new movies and shows. Amazon Prime Video is another common streaming platform and they have very similar movies and shows to Netflix and Hulu.


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