How Are Teenagers Staying Sane During Quarantine?

by Cambree Bernkopf

Recipes, workouts, meditation, music, and much more have been used during this quarantine so most people can stay sane. With all this extra time, there is so much to do and still so much we can’t do. Staying at home and not having the option to go out and have fun can really take a toll on a person’s mental health. Sometimes being alone with your own thoughts can feel more hectic than any other place. Many teenagers found some very creative and impressive ways to stay entertained while still practicing social distancing and quarantining. 

The great thing about the technology we have today is we can all stay connected while still staying apart. We are blessed with things like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Google Classroom, social media to keep us in touch with one another. Teenagers have set up service projects for the elderly, created fitness challenges, organized ways for teams to stay in shape, and so much more. 

One great way most teenagers are staying busy is exercising! There has been a reported spike in views and subscribers for workout videos and channels amid the coronavirus pandemic. Fitness influencers have significantly benefited from this pandemic because of how much it has increased their revenue. Kelli and Daniel Segars, virtual home workout instructors, told Business Insider that they noticed their daily new subscriber count doubled in the first five days after March 11. This was when the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic. YouTube is absolutely filled with new videos from teenagers around the world about what they do to keep busy, workout challenges, how they’re maintaining a healthy diet, and so much more. 

Out of the 12 teenagers surveyed at Bellbrook High School, 11 of them said that they kept busy by exercising. Some other responses included working at their job, watching tv, playing sports individually, hiking, studying for online AP exams and facetiming.

Even though some parents won’t allow their child to go out and work during this time, there has been a spike in job opportunities and applications for local groceries and eateries. Grocery stores and fast food places are experiencing record breaking demand.. Places like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, McDonalds, Dollar General, Dominos, and so many more have opened up to teenagers and significantly increased their staff, at least for the time being. 


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