Autumn outfit pieces – spice it up this fall!

by Angelique Taylor

Autumn is coming. Fall decorations, falling leaves off trees, and fall outfits are definitely needed. Here are some cute individual outfit pieces for this season to feel like fall.

The best places to buy cute fall outfits for 2021

  • Nordstrom– They have everything in between from statement clothing to basic clothes that you can style.
  • Forever 21– If you are on a budget, this place is for you. They have everything for every weather, and no matter what you’re searching for, they should have it all for an affordable price. 
  • Revolve– The place for trendy clothing.
  • Marshalls They also have clothes for when you’re on a budget: cute and affordable. 
  • Hollister If you’re looking for a more Teen Autumn look, here is the place.

Now to the outfit pieces

You can put these together to make a full outfit. What you do is fully customisable. The choice is yours, color and all! 

  1. Plaid scarf- Scarfs of any color can make all those fall/winter outfits look nice and comfy.
  2. Knit Sweaters- These are the best when you want to look cute and feel warm.
  3. Light jackets/leather jackets- Jackets are warm,  light, and durable to keep you going through the fall season. Layer with your sweaters to keep yourself warm.
  4. Gloves of all types- Gloves will accentuate your look, and keep your fingers warm. 
  5. Beanies/hats- Beanies and hats will keep your head warm. Match your gloves, beanies, and scarf to make your look superb.
  6. Jewelry- Add some bling in warm gold and rose tones to match the changing leaves.
  7.  T-shirt/long sleeve- A shirt or long sleeve will keep you warm underneath your sweater and jacket!
  8. Boots- Whether or not it’s hiking boots or winter boots, they keep your feet warm and make you looks stylish! 
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