Bellbrook theater returns after a year away

By: Reagan Morrow

In spring 2020, the Bellbrook theatre planned a production of Peter Pan with Ms. Jergens and Mr. Castle directing. The pandemic, levy failure, and career changes have brought new directors and a new show that has never been done before at Bellbrook schools. 

New directors

Alexis Breese, a former Bellbrook student, has been acting since the age of 7. Breese went to college at the University of Michigan and has a bachelor degree in Theater Arts with a concentration in Stage Management and Production Managment and a minor in Creative Writing. Breese’s goal for BHS theater is “to give students a space to explore and be creative. Theatre is supposed to be fun and a safe place to make mistakes.” 

“I really want to create a fun space that teaches students to collaborate (because theatre really is a team sport) and be creative and if they decide they want to pursue it through college, then Mrs. Blankenship and I are there to help with that as well. “

– Miss Breese

Mrs. Blankenship is also a former student of Bellbrook and currently teaches music at Bellbrook Middle and High Schools. Mrs. Blankenship has been acting and singing since she was a child. Mrs. Blankenship said, “As a Bellbrook alumnus, when the theatre director role became available, I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to do.  I’ve always been drawn to leadership roles and performing is a true passion of mine.  Having the opportunity to direct students and teach them the joys of performing and theatre is something I really enjoy and can’t wait to do at Bellbrook High School.” 

“My vision for BHS theatre is to teach students the joy of theatre and performance, while growing and improving the program.”

– Mrs. Blankenship

New show

The fall play is “The One Act Play That Goes Wrong “ by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields. It is a twist on a classic murder mystery story. As stated in the name “… Goes Wrong “ as you’d expect, everything goes wrong. “The actors and crew battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences! “ said Mrs. Blankenship.

This play will premiere November 11-13.


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