Drake and Kanye conflict continues

by Rayne McKinney

Since 2009, rappers Drake and Kanye West have been feuding over their careers. From multiple shots and disses towards each other in more than one song, group chat controversies, sneak disses, and tweets back and forth, the artists have shown ignorance and childish behavior. However, Kanye was a major role model for Drake and even a mentor in his early career. Drake has said, “Kanye is the most influential person I know in the game right now.” Kanye responded after a conflict that “there would be no Drake without Kanye.” Both have even praised each other before as well as throw shots at one another. It will forever be a battle of the #1 artist.

Feud Timeline

  • In 2010, Drake was spotted with Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex. It was said that he did it just to poke at Kanye.
  • 2018: Drake sneak dissed Kanye on Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode,” causing even more problems between the two and starting a conflict between Kanye and Travis Scott as well. 
  • August 2021: Kanye responded to a song diss by posting Drake’s home address on social media. 
  • August 2021: Drake disses Kanye in new Trippie Redd album on the song “Betrayal.”
  • September 2021: Drake leaked “Life of the Party” on Kanye’s new Donda album. Both albums were released in the same time period within a month apart.

Many of the same artists that worked with Kanye’s Donda album performed on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album like Andre 3000. Kanye’s former spouse, Kim Kardashian West tweeted about Drake threatening the family on a song diss. She said, “So Drake, if anything happens to me or anyone from my family, you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk.” About two hours later, Kim Kardashian West also addressed Drake, writing on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet: “Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake.”


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