Bellbrook High bathrooms get a complete makeover

by Kolton Schwartz

As of Tuesday, October 12, we are finally able to experience the new design of the public bathrooms here at Bellbrook High. The restrooms near the music department of the school have not only been reopened, but also refurbished. These restrooms are open to the public during sporting events in the gym or arts events in the auditorium.

The new design of the bathrooms ditched the old white walls and replaced them with a lighter purple. Not only did they apply a new coat of paint, they also sealed up a hole near the entrance of the restroom as well. The color of the stalls have been changed from beige to dark grey, as well as adding new protective barriers between stalls. Overall, this is a major improvement from the old, worn out design and structure of the bathrooms. This should provide a safer and better experience for those who use them.

Senior Reece O’Brien stated, “They are actually pretty nice. I’m not gonna lie. I’m surprised how well they made it look considering they were under development for such a long time.”

When Covid became a part of the way we lived our lives, we started to have to adjust to change. Not only what we wear on our faces and the amount we have to clean, but also the reduction of the amount of bathrooms. For two years now, we have been restricted when it comes to the availability of the bathrooms here at Bellbrook High School. The two sets of bathrooms that were available were the two bathrooms located in both the upstairs and downstairs straight hallways. But as the 2nd quarter arrives in the 2021-2022 school year, we are finally able to have a new type of bathroom experience.


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