Freshman Jude Omiatek talks varsity football

picture of Jude Omiatek courtesy of Nicholas Studios

by Rachel Holbrook

1: How long have you played football for Bellbrook? Who or what got you first interested in playing the sport?

Answer: I have played tackle football for Bellbrook since I was in 3rd grade, so this is my 7th year. What got me interested in playing football was my dad, who likes football a lot.

Question 2: Why did you decide to become a part of our high school football team? 

Answer: I decided to play high school football because I loved playing in Wee Eagles and middle school and wanted to keep playing.

Question 3: What position do you play? What position do you wish you could play?

Answer: I play tight end. I don’t really wish to play any other position.

Question 4: How often does your team practice?

Answer: We practice four days a week.

Question 5: Is there an upperclassman you look up to on the football team? Who? Why?

Answer: Yes, I look up to Sam Vine because he is super good at football but isn’t arrogant and is always kind to everyone around him.

Question 6: Do you have any pregame superstitions? What are they? 

Answer: I do not have any superstitions. 

Question 7: Have you gotten a penalty called on you? What penalty? How?

Answer: I have gotten one called on me this year. I was on PAT and I moved before the ball was snapped. This happened because the linemen on the other team moved and I flinched.

Question 8: Do you like hearing the loud student section/fans or would you rather have a quiet environment to play in? Why?

Answer: I like hearing the student section because I think some of their chants are funny, and it is cool to see people that I know coming to the games and cheering.

Question 9: Do you wish your team ran more of a certain type of play?

Answer: I do not really wish we ran more of a certain play because the plays we run work and I don’t really think we should change anything.

Question 10: What is your (or the team’s) strength when playing? What is one thing the team could improve on?

Answer: I think our strong suit is that everyone hits really hard. The team could improve on starting a little faster. There were a couple of games where we didn’t go fast and hit hard at the start, and let the other team hang with us. Although we have improved on this in the last couple of games, I think this is the main thing we can improve on.

Question 11: Have any of your coaches impacted your life on or off the field? Who? How?

Answer: Coach Stewart was my coach from 3rd grade to 6th grade and is now a high school coach. He has had an impact on my life by always pushing everyone on the team to be the best that they can be. Also, he is the one who put me at tight end in 3rd grade which is still the position I play today.

Question 12: What is one thing you’re looking forward to this season? Why?

Answer: I am looking forward to winning the league this year. I think it will show all of the hard work that we have put it since December.


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