Bellbrook faces several key positions in elections

By: Reagan Morrow


Michael Schweller is Bellbrook’s current mayor but running for another term.

Member of Council

Meredith Brinegar has been a Bellbrook resident for more than ten years. Brinegar’s values that guide her are transparency, inclusivity, citizen involvement, and science and evidence based decision making. To learn more visit

Katherine Cyphers is a certified defense financial manager with more than 25 years of public service. Kathrine wants to ensure that Bellbrook´s resources are efficiently used. To learn more visit

Forrest Greenwood is running for a reelection. To find out more visit

Brady Harding is running for a reelection. To find out more visit

Board of Education

Heidi Anderson has lived in Bellbrook for 32 years. Anderson wants to improve transparency and communication with the community, overhaul the Special Education department, and secure stable funding without relying on property taxes.

Current board member Audra Dorn wants to stabilize staff and students, keep special interests and politics out of classrooms, and fix fiscal responsibilities.

Current board member Mike Kinsey would like to heal divisions and infighting in the community, fix the communication between the school board and community, and help the district to be immune to challenges.

Former superintendent Keith St. Pierre wants to revise the school board policies and have some fiscal oversight.

Current board member Kevin Price is running for reelection. Price wants fiscal stability and responsibility for the BSS district, safety and well being for the children, and transparency and openness.

Sarah Williamson wants to better school for all children and to bridge the gaps in communication in the community.


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