JROTC observe Veterans Day at local intermediate school

By: Joshua Kiefer with contributions from Col. Gangaware

The Bellbrook JROTC cadets supported the Veterans Day Breakfast Bell Creek Intermediate school puts on every year.  BCI students invited parents, grandparents and family members who are veterans to the school Friday morning, November 12.  The veterans took part in a parade which was two laps through the halls and were cheered on by all 3rd and 4th graders.  5th graders and all students who had veterans with them then went to the gym for the program. 

The JROTC color guard presented the colors while everyone sang the national anthem.  After everyone sang “God Bless America,” a JROTC flag detail performed a traditional flag folding ceremony, complete with the reading of a script that talked about the importance of the American flag.  The program ended with medley of patriotic songs, featuring the songs from all military branches.  The following Bellbrook JROTC cadets participated:

Color Guard – Olivia Geloff, Dominik Bizzarro, Alyssa Clewley, Jacob Bent

Flag Detail – Carmen Roland, Annaleese Theodor, Andrew Chiasson, Sidney Rodenroth, Kendra Schofield

Next year, JROTC plans to also include a saber arch that all veterans can walk through as they enter the gym.

World War 1 ended on the 11th month, the 11th day, and the 11th hour of 1918. This day is now known as Veterans Day to honor those who fought in the military. The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day is that on Memorial Day we honor those who died while serving. 

Some cities celebrate by hosting a parade. Last year, many communities were unable to do a veterans parade due to the pandemic, but this year is special. According to UWVC, the New York City Veterans Day parade marks the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II, the 70th year of the beginning of the Korean War, and the 30th year of the end of the Panama Invasion and beginning of Desert Shield.

This year also marks the first veterans day in 20 years that troops are not in active combat. Biden ended the 20-year conflict in Afghanistan by pulling out troops August 30. Biden expressed his gratitude to all the service members and their families who fought in Afghanistan.


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