5 Reasons why you should visit Bristol, England

by Abbie Stokes

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Recently over Thanksgiving break, I took a trip to the UK for vacation and to look at different universities. One of the cities I visited was Bristol, a port city on the western edge of England.

Five Reasons Why Bristol Is Great

  • Food
    • There are a great variety of restaurants in Bristol- and there are many places that are very accommodating for different diets and allergies. I personally have a peanut allergy, and practically everywhere I went they were very kind and accommodating for it. It’s actually legally required all throughout England for allergens to be listed on a restaurant’s menu, so it’s certainly a good place to stay if you have those kinds of issues.
  • Shopping
    • There are so many cute shops in Bristol! With vintage stores, places for good souvenirs, quality British goods, and more, Bristol has a very good environment for small businesses and even some larger department stores.
  • Sights
    • Though not directly in Bristol, there are many places to go and see nature and other historical sights very nearby to the city. The Roman baths in Bath and Stonehenge are both only short bus rides away, and public transport is widely available. Within the city, there are also many cool buildings and museums, such as the Bristol Museum and Gallery and the Wills Memorial Building.
  • People/Local Culture
    • Something I noticed about Bristol was how nice the local environment and people were in the city. Sometimes called a “mini London,” Bristol’s local culture largely stems from the universities that are situated within the city, as well as its history as a port town. The city is extremely diverse, with many non-western places to eat and shop, as well as very accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals according to the many events within the University of Bristol and within the town that were being advertised!
  • Health benefits
    • This may seem like an oversight when it comes to visiting other places, but I personally believe that the weather and the breeze coming off of the sea that is very near the town seriously helped my health. I typically have not-very-clear skin and some chronic dryness during the fall and winter months here in Ohio, mostly because it’s quite dusty here and we live in a valley where all the nasties in the air love to come and settle. But overseas in Bristol, the air is much clearer, and the humidity was pleasantly high so that I did not desiccate whilst I was there.

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