The Greene County Career Center provides opportunities

By Rachel Holbrook

The Greene County Career Center is designed for students to have the opportunity to take different job shadowing classes, looking into internships, and starting a path for their future occupation. The Career Center provides many programs including Biotechnology, Family and Consumer Science, Engineering, Marketing, Veterinary Science, Equine Studies, Career-Based Intervention and Agricultural Science and Business. Bellbrook students have the opportunity to transition to the Career Center for their junior and senior year. 

Junior Chloe Terrell shares her Greene County Career Center experience and the transition coming from Bellbrook. 

Question 1: What did you choose to go to the Career Center for? Were there certain classes you wanted to take? Is there a certain career path you wanted to prepare for?

Answer: I chose the Career Center because I believe that it is a great opportunity to get started in my career. I go to GCCC for health science so I would love to be in the medical field.

Question 2: Why did you decide to go to the Career Center? What persuaded you into going?

Answer: A few of my family members and friends went/go to the career center. I thought it was a good place to start and they encouraged it.

Question 3: How are the classes you take impacting you? How will they help guide your future career?

Answer: I take four normal course classes: math, anatomy, English, and government. Then I have my lab for about 2 hours where I learn about medical terminology, different career paths within the medical field, CPR, emergency care and first aid basics. Then as I go into my Senior year I’ll take courses to get my STNA.

Question 4: How is the Career Center different from Bellbrook High School? How is the Career Center similar? 

Answer: For starters the career center has many more hands-on things. I believe there are more opportunities to become comfortable within the lab of choice which will make you more comfortable with the career path you choose. GCCC also has many different labs like cosmetology, vet science, welding, power equipment, auto technology, electrical wiring. There aren’t many similarities between the Career Center and Bellbrook. Really the only common thing is attendance requirements and hours of a school day. They’re both amazing schools but their daily structure is different. 

Question 5: What would you tell students who are debating whether or not to attend the Career Center? 

Answer: I would tell students to definitely go if they’re on the fence. You have the choice to go and try it out for the first few weeks, and if you don’t think it’s a good fit, you’re able to go back to your home school. The Career Center is an amazing environment and opens many more doors of opportunity. [I] and many more students have all fallen in love with the Career Center.


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