Beloved TikTok cat, Pot Roast, passes away

By Savannah Higley

Instagram: potroastsmom

Pot Roast, a beloved cat on TikTok, passed away on February 16 of FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Pot Roast was a TikTok star and gained popularity from her owner publishing funny yet offputting videos, many of these videos playing off of the comments noting the cat looking particularly rough. 

Instagram: potroastsmom

Pot Roast was adopted by her owner in 2014 on a college campus and was kept in a sorority house. Pot Roast had been having health complications her entire life. Pot Roast had Stomatitis and had to have many of her teeth removed, causing her to be unable to groom herself, leading to her signature disheveled look.  

In early February, Pot Roast’s owner shared that they were at the emergency vet and Pot Roast was getting a blood transfusion. Last week it came out that Pot Roast was positive for FIV and it had spread to her bone marrow. This means Pot Roast’s body could no longer create its own red or white blood cells. Nobody knows for sure how Pot Roast got FIV but there is speculation that one of the owner’s past cats, who is now deceased, transmitted it to Pot Roast. 

Pot Roast was in and out of the emergency vet and her owner rightfully distanced herself from social media to spend more time with her cat in Pot Roast’s final days. 

Pot Roast after an emergency vet visit

February 16, 11:47 a.m., Pot Roast crossed the rainbow bridge. She went peacefully, sleeping in her owner’s arms. Her owner lamented that her fight was finally over, and she was ready to let go. Her owner expressed gratitude for the time she did have with Pot Roast, no matter how short it was.  The internet is in dismay over the loss of this beloved cat, and it’s truly devastating news to all the people who enjoyed logging on every day to a new Pot Roast shenanigan. She was loved by so many and truly will be missed by so many.

Fly High, Little Bird.


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