EagleView journalists battle over music taste

By Casey Cross

With a $10 gift card of choice on the line, six seniors in the Bellbrook High School journalism class have put their music tastes up to the scrutiny of their peers. Sixteen songs have been put head to head in a bracket that will be voted on by the participants throughout the week of March 7, 2022.

The tournament involves six seniors (who have asked to remain anonymous), all of whom are in the Bellbrook High School journalism class. Four of the participants submitted three songs, with the other two submitting two to create an even 16 song bracket. 

Voting consists of three of the participants acting as judges for each set of songs. Nobody will be assigned to judge a song they submitted, and each participant will judge an equal number of songs per round. Judging for round one took place the night of Sunday, March 6, 2022, and results were revealed the Monday, March 7. 

The bracket consists of these songs:

Nutshell by Alice In Chains

Fools Gold by The Stone Roses

Light Up The Night by The Protomen

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi

Hikousen by Hiromi Iwasaki

Saintlike by Jakey

The Argus by Ween

I’m Not In Love by Kelsey Lu

Smooth Criminal by the Glee Cast

The Gunner’s Dream by Pink Floyd

Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant

Hunted Down by Soundgarden

Lucretia My Reflection by Sisters Of Mercy

M.O.R. by Blur

White Whale by Shadow Academy

Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

Round one resulted in:

  • Nutshell defeated Fools Gold 3:0
  • Light Up The Night beat Pursuit Of Happiness 2:1
  • Hikousen defeated Saintlike 3:0
  • The Argus beat I’m Not In Love 2:1
  • The Gunner’s Dream beat Smooth Criminal 2:1
  • Mind Over Matter defeated Hunted Down 3:0
  • M.O.R beat Lucretia My Reflection 2:1
  • White Whale beating Carry On My Wayward Son 3:1 (A mistake in judge assignments resulted in four judges on this song).

At the end of round 2:

  • Light Up The Night defeated Nutshell 3:0
  • The Argus beat Hikousen 2:1
  • Mind Over Matter beat The Gunner’s Dream 2:1
  • White Whale beat M.O.R 2:1

Finals Bracket from March 8, 2022:

And the final winners are…


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