How to finish the year strong, according to Bellbrook staff

3 Tips From 3 Staff Members on Finishing the Year Strong

By: Kirsten Thomas and Rachel Holbrook

“Be Consistent Early in the Quarter”

Math teacher Mr. Sampson advises students to prioritize things that need to be done by their due dates and to set little goals to avoid being overwhelmed. He always preaches to his students to figure out what works for them as individuals, and to do it. He said, “If what you are doing isn’t allowing you to be as successful as you want, change it.” Being consistent early is his main suggestion to reduce stress as things start to pile up. 

Think of Things of Gratitude”

As end of the year approaches , school counselor Mr. Hartley suggests that students take time for themselves to do things that make them happy in between studying. If students get stressed, he advises them to “think of things of gratitude because, no matter the adversity in life, there’s always something.” Being outside in nature without technology is one thing that he strongly suggests. Just enjoying the sunshine can do wonders for reducing stress.

“Sleep, Eat Well, Cultivate Relationships”

School counselor Mrs. Sanderman knows that once the weather gets warm, it can be hard for students to stay motivated. She advises students to keep showing up to school, and to keep putting in the work because the year isn’t over yet. She considers sleep to be the most important thing students can do to help themselves finish strong. She reminds students to keep working hard and not to blow off their exams, but also to remember that they’re not the end of the world. She said, “Relax and do your best [on exams], but also don’t lose sleep over it.” Having strong relationships with friends and family can help support students through the end of the year.


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