BHS Prom 2022 Walks in Wonderland

By: Rachel Holbrook and Kirsten Thomas

Prom 2022 was hosted at Carillon Park’s Eichelberger Pavillion on Saturday, April 9. The ballroom overlooks the grounds at Carillon Park. Junior Emma Lawson described the venue as “really pretty” and the DJ was pretty good. Her favorite song was “Pursuit of Happiness.” She rated the dance a solid 9.5/10. The theme was “Walk in Wonderland” and tickets were $25 each. Close to 400 Bellbrook students and their guests participated in dancing and had a good time with their friends.

The dance started at 7 pm and people arrived slowly over the first two hours. As students came in, they were given a complimentary deck of cards to go with the theme. Students could be seen playing cards with their friends on the upper level of the venue. Bennett Dwenger doesn’t describe himself as a big dance person, but had a good time with his friends regardless. By 10:30 most people had cleared out.

Most students took pictures and went out to dinner before the dance. A popular place among interviewees was Thai 9. When describing what he thought of the dance, senior Isaac Lefeld said, “It was very splendid and enjoyable.” Lefeld rates the prom an 8.2/10. He liked the decorations and atmosphere, as well as the playing cards. Lefeld was on Prom Court this year with seniors Brady Fortman, Kevin Pray, Brayden Turner (king), Adyen Volmer, Hannah Becker, Madi Brown, Paige Buckle, Corinne Fleck (queen), and Ally Lewis.

Junior Sam Vine describes the dance as “good and sufficient.” He enjoyed the cards and was very specific in saying, “I also enjoyed how thick the tickets were.” Vine’s favorite song was a classic: “The Cupid Shuffle.” It’s safe to say Vine was definitely boogying on the dance floor. He says the venue was “spectacular.” After the dance, Vine and “the boys” hung out and played Lego Star Wars. He did not use the google form provided to submit song requests and takes “full responsibility” for that. 

Junior Pimmy Phueakthong had a great time and said, “Everybody should go to prom!”


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