Mr. Basinger and Mrs. Hensley Retiring from Bellbrook High School

By: Rachel Holbrook

As we reach the end of the 21-22 school year, two of our amazing teachers, Mr. Basinger and Mrs. Hensley, will be retiring. They have made a lasting impact on Bellbrook Students and have taught us so much.

Mr. Basinger has been teaching for 34 years with 25 at Bellbrook. He has also been coaching for 21 years at Bellbrook and 30 in total. While Basinger was going through the end of his high school days, he realized he wanted to be a teacher in the future. A funny coincidence he shared is that his math teacher in high school was actually named Mr. Basinger, too (no relation). Basinger always enjoyed his math class and just being in the school atmosphere. He says becoming a teacher was a “natural fit.” He also wanted to coach football so everything went hand in hand. Basinger’s favorite class to teach is Geometry. But he has gotten the chance to teach everything at the high school level including classes from General Math to AP Calculus.

When asked what he learned from being a teacher here at BHS, Basinger replied “Patience!” He says that whether you choose to believe it or not, he was not a very patient person at the beginning of his teaching career. But he learned how to be patient over time. Basinger shares that working with all of his students has been wonderful. He enjoys working with kids and getting the chance to know the other teachers he is working with. Basinger says, “The relationships that you build while you’re here is the coolest thing!” When asked what piece of advice he would give to students, he replied to try everything. He says, “Don’t paint yourself in a corner and think you have to do just one thing or activity–try all and have fun.” Mr. Basinger says he has really enjoyed the variety of each day — and the variety is one of his favorite parts of being a teacher. You know what is planned out but never know exactly what will come about. Mr. Basinger always goes above and beyond for his present and past students. He is always ready to give a helping hand and reassures students he is there if they have any questions about school, college, or just life.

Mrs. Hensley has been teaching for 20 years and every year at Bellbrook. She has even taught in the same room for all 20 years. Being a high school teacher is actually her second career. Before becoming a teacher, she was a software trainer. She realized she loved to teach people new things. Hensley has taught a wide variety of art classes including Art 1, 2, 3, and 4, Arts and Crafts, Digital Media, Drawing and Painting, Art History, and even a Sculpture class years ago. Her favorite classes to teach are her advanced art classes including Art 3 and 4.

When asked what she has learned from being a teacher, Hensley shared, “There’s everything new under the sun. You’re always going to hear something new and different. Technology has changed a lot but really high school students haven’t; they’re a lot of fun!” Hensley has been a part of many programs at BHS. She was a student government advisor and student class advisor. She loved to help plan events. She loved organizing Prom, going to pep rallies, dressing up for spirit weeks, and Powderpuff football games. Hensley loved all of Bellbrook’s outside-of-school activities. She loves to be involved. One piece of advice Hensley gives to students is to ”get off your phones and engage in life.” Not only is Mrs. Hensley an amazing artist, she also helps bring out the creativity in her students to where they can create beautiful artwork of their own. She helps us see the beauty and artwork of the world.

Mr. Basinger and Mrs. Hensley have been kind and inspiring teachers here at Bellbrook High School. It is without a doubt that their students will always remember the positive influence they had on our lives. Thank you Mr. Basinger and Mrs. Hensley for everything!


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