The book “Loveless” inspires acceptance

By: Audrey Cable

Set in the UK, Alice Oseman´s book Loveless is the story of a fresh-out-of-high-school student Georgia Warr. The book follows Georgia as she goes through college while trying to start her love life.

Georgia went through her whole life without dating anyone and feels like she is being left out of romance. When she goes to college, she gives dating a try with one of her best friends. While also getting used to college life, she decides to join the LGTBTQ+ club along with the club that her roommate is trying to start up, the Shakespeare club. Georgia ends up finding out with the help of her new friend that she is AroAce, meaning that she does not feel romantic feelings or sexual desires, ending her relationship with her best friend on a negative note.

This story of Georgia Warr finding herself is very heartfelt, and it feels like AroAce people are recognized. For all those people who also feel like Georgia and think something is wrong with them, to read this book and see that it’s ok to be that way is inspiring. That representation made me so happy that I cried happy tears when Georgia first came out as AroAce. Loveless shows the struggle of accepting yourself and understanding that it is ok to not be like or feel like other people. 


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