How to make a successful thrifting trip in 5 easy steps.

by Jayla Fields

Thrift. That word may make some cringe, but thrifting has become a popular activity, especially among teens. It’s simple: you go to a thrift store and shop. Sounds easy enough, but there are some rules to follow to have a successful day in thrifting. With these 5 tips, your closet will be fuller, your day won’t be wasted, and your pockets will thank you.

1. Go to higher populated areas.

Going to a highly populated area is in the shopper’s best interest, as there will be a wider variety of clothing. Find any thrift store in a busy place and you’ve got a great trip ahead of you. The Goodwill near the Fairfield Mall meets this requirement as it serves the Fairborn, Beavercreek, and other more-populated areas of the Dayton community.

2. Make time in your schedule for this trip.

This isn’t regular shopping where you find the clothes you like and go. You have to go on a hunt to find your style in a sea full of boring clothes. If you’re going to a bigger thrift store, go for at least 2 hours, and make sure every minute of those 2 hours is spent searching carefully.

3. Have an idea of what kind of clothes you’re looking for.

When thrifting, have an idea of what your style is. Get some inspiration from Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram. Here, you will find creative outfits that match your style, and this makes it easier to shop when you have an idea of what to look for.

4. Go to multiple thrift stores.

You may not find anything at the first thrift store you go to. Curses! No big deal. Before you leave the house, find at least 3 thrift stores to go to. Make a day out of it! Widening your array of stores is going to prove to be the best way to thrift. Remember: the more stores, the more clothes. Other great stores nearby include Valley Thrift on Woodman, Ohio Thrift in Springfield, and Valley Thrift in Fairfield.

5. Buy more! 

Where else are you going to find jeans at the price of $3-6? This isn’t regular shopping! This is a thrift store where you can buy clothes at very affordable prices. When you’re shopping at the mall, people often are very careful with what they buy, as the prices are increased. In thrift stores, it’s okay to buy more because you’re getting clothes at lower prices. Did someone say, “Ballin’ on a budget?”


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