Bellbrook Varsity Football proves relentless

by Juliana Packard

Bellbrook varsity football is on a hot streak this season. The streak started when Bellbrook won the game against Miamisburg 24 to 13. Since that game, Bellbrook football has not lost a single game including a close win against Monroe 10 to 7 on October 14. The boys on the team are “unstoppable” to fans. 

Senior Sam Barhorst is ranked number three in defensive tackles with 73 tackles on the season. “The season is going great, and we still have all of our goals ahead of us to achieve,” said Barhorst. “We are getting better every week and getting more constant. And just the effort everyone puts into all our practices, everyone is bought in.” 

On top of the winning streak, the team also has leaders in multiple portions of the league. Senior Elijah Brooks is number one in rushing yards with 1116 yards so far this season. Senior Vincent Hummel is also ranked number three in defense for the SWBL. Hummel is ranked third with sacks, with six sacks on the season. Finally, junior Jake Lopez is ranked number two in interceptions. Lopez has three interceptions so far in the season. 


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