Blink-182 announces reunion with Tom Delonge

by Riley Hodges

After over seven years away from Blink-182, the band has announced the return of guitar-vocalist Tom Delonge.

In 2005 Tom Delonge formed the band Angels and Airwaves and then left Blink to focus on A&A as well as his company To The Stars Media. Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker responded by creating the group +44 with Shane Gallagher. Then in 2008, after Barker nearly died in a plane crash, they briefly came together and released the album Neighborhoods and toured until 2015 when they broke up again. This time Barker and Hoppus simply replaced Delonge with guitarist Matt Skiba.

Fans have been asking on social media for Blink to get back together with Delonge from the moment he left. Delonge was a primary songwriter – his voice being one of the reasons Blink was so easily distinguished from other bands.

For the last few months, the band members have been teasing the reunion with posts on social media of old band pictures with either no caption or just a caption of the date it was taken. Over half of the comments on these posts were fans saying, “Just announce the reunion already.” On August 1, the band released a collection of figurines with Funko depicting them unclothed with instruments in reference to the “What’s My Age Again” music video.

On October 11, the band announced a reunion followed by a reunion tour. The band released a single called “Edging” after the announcement. They also will be co-headlining with fellow pop punk band Green Day at the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas in 2023.


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