Teachers want to connect more with students

By Emma Deweese

High school English teacher Ms. Lewis consults with sophomore Claire Webster about an upcoming assignment. Lewis wishes she could spend more quality time with all her students.

No matter what building or grade they teach, Bellbrook teachers adore the community they work in and shared various ways they are thinking about their students.

“Teachers wear many hats every day, all day long,” Mrs. Huff said. A kindergarten teacher at Stephen Bell, she wishes her students understood that teachers have many responsibilities. Huff says she will do whatever she can to ensure the success and growth of her students.

Eighth-grade STEM teacher Ms. Bruggeman shares a common goal. “We hope what we do in our classroom helps prepare them for a successful future,” she said. She acknowledges that students can get frustrated with the expectations and assignments, but teachers truly want what’s best for the students.

High school English teacher Ms. Lewis wishes students understood that teachers were once students and can relate to them. She hopes students are willing to trust that teachers are here to help guide them.

There are a few things teachers struggle with. Huff said an extra set of hands would be beneficial. “When kids come to kindergarten, it is sometimes the first time a student is attending a school-type setting. That can be challenging with teaching kids routines, rules, and expectations… especially if this is the first time a child is learning these concepts,” Huff said.

Bruggeman struggles with social media and the way it affects her students’ self-image. “Social media sets an unrealistic expectation that developing students struggle to recognize,” she said.

For Lewis, it’s the time. She wishes there was more time to engage personally with all her students, but feels the year is never long enough to accomplish her goal. 

Lewis’s favorite part of working at Bellbrook is the students. She strives to know students beyond the classroom and feels she learns from the students as much as they learn from her. Bruggeman also loves the Bellbrook community. “It’s always amazing to me to see the amount of support at extracurricular activities,” Bruggeman said. Huff has worked at Bellbrook for 25 years and loves her coworkers and the programs Bellbrook offers at all levels.


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