Cavetown releases new album full of heartfelt music

By: Audrey Cable

Cavetown, an indie artist, released his first album since 2021 on November 4. The name of the album is worm food. The songs included in the album are “worm food,” “kill u,” “frog,” “a kind thing to do,” “1994,” “better,” “wasabi,” “fall in love with a girl,” “grey space,” “heart attack,” “i swear to god,” “juno,” and “laundry day.” Each of these songs have very different meanings behind them and all have a different tempo which makes the album really diverse.

British artist Cavetown has grown over the course of ten years since he started making music. He currently has over 8 million monthly listeners. According to Sire Records, he had 5 million monthly listeners in 2021 and that same year he racked more than 650 million streams. He started making music when he was just 14 years old.

Cavetown, whose real name is Robbie Skinner, in an interview with Dork, discussed his song “1994”: “The lyrics are a message to myself, to help me see that there’s still a child inside of me that is deserving of love and care.” The song talks about trying to forgive himself for things that he didn’t do and trying to realize that he didn’t do anything wrong. He also sings about how he feels stuck as a little kid who keeps messing up.  

The song “frog” is based on the story of princess and the frog but he puts his own spin on it. The song is a love song about how he hopes that the person he likes will love him back. He sings about how he will teach them how to swim and calls them his princess. He also sings about how he will be better when they kiss him better. 

“Juno” is about Skinner dealing with depression and uses his cat as his reason to stay alive. The song sings about how he makes himself think that his cat is dying just so he can get himself out of bed. One of his lines in the song is “Manipulate myself into staying alive,” basically saying how he knows that his cat is perfectly healthy but if he doesn’t manipulate himself into thinking that his cat is not, then he won’t get up.


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