Men’s Lacrosse hosts first-ever tryouts

By Claire Webster

Sweat rolls down the backs and grass sticks to the bottom of their cleats of the men’s lacrosse team members as they go through their first day of tryouts. The sticks in the players’ hands are in the air ready to catch the ball. The anticipation lingers in the air. 

They know they now have to work very hard to not get cut and thus win a spot on the team. Coaches are taking notes on their clipboards, and waiting to see who is the best fit. The tension grows as players look to one another trying to figure out who will be picked. 

Lacrosse is one of the many sports students can play here for Bellbrook High School. For the first time, though, men’s lacrosse is having tryouts due to the number of players coming out for the team. 

“We decided to limit the size of the team because we can’t effectively run practices or games if we have too many players,” Vince Molseed said, the coach of the men’s lacrosse team. Molseed has been coaching since 2007, and he has played lacrosse since 1982. 

“Last year Coach Vince had trouble playing everyone at the JV level.  This year he is anticipating more people to play,” senior lacrosse player Elden Korber said. 

The coach also expressed how tryouts will change. “I don’t like having to cut anyone because I want everyone to have an opportunity to play, but I also know that having tryouts will make everyone who wants to play work harder and become better players so that they can make the team,” Molseed said. 

Since it’s the off-season for lacrosse, the players are conditioning to get better and to be ready to work hard during tryouts. The team practices at the north grass fields by the high school or in the stadium. 

“In the off-season we hold open fields for anyone who wants to play twice per week. During the season, we practice 5-6 days a week,” Molseed said. 

While conditioning, the team works on increasing both their endurance and strength, and they also work on their speed. All of this conditioning helps them be successful in the game, and keeps them in shape and ready for tryouts. Lacrosse players also go to the weight room often to build the strength that they need for success in the game. 

The lacrosse team’s practices consist of game stimulations and skill development. 

“We do a lot of skill work in practice, and in the off-season we give each player a list of things they can do to improve their skills,” Molseed said. 

Game simulations help players get a feel for situations that could happen during the season. 

“We encourage most players to focus on improving their skills the most.  We also want them in the weight room getting stronger and faster,” Molseed said. 

Encouraging players helps them improve and develop skills. “I try to offer my tips or tricks that I’ve learned and encourage them to push themselves,” a sophomore lacrosse player said.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but all of the skills players use during the off-season is going to pay off when tryouts are taking place. 

“I’m going to try to not be too worried about it, because I don’t want to take away my focus from doing the things I know how to do, but I feel confident in my ability to earn my spot on the team because I’ve been participating in as many opportunities as I can to get better, and I feel like my hard work is going to pay off,” the sophomore said. 


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