Iran lost both a soccer match and a citizen

By Tommy Dickman

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup, a showing of unity in a tumultuous world. But its maritime neighbour Iran has been on the world’s mind for other reasons. On November 29, the US Men’s team defeated the Iranian team 1-0.

The recent protests over Islamic law in Iran has led to detainment and even death. Mehran Samak was just one of many celebrating the United States victory over Iran in defiance of the Iranian government. CNN reported the cause of death was from a pellet to the head by security forces. 

CNN also reported that the passing of Samak caused Iranian national soccer player, Mohammad Ahmadzadeh, who played from 1988-1990, to challenge the parliament member from Bandar Anzali, Ahmad Donyamali. “Is it a crime, punishable by death, to honk your horn or to be happy for whatever reason? I want to ask Mr. Donyamali, who considers himself a representative of this city – why are you silent?” Ahmadzadeh said.

Iran has strict laws regarding political unrest. On Thursday, December 8, The Washington Post reported the first execution related to the recent demonstrations. Mohsen Shekari was found guilty of “waging war against God” by Tehran’s Revolutionary court. Norwegian based Iran Human Rights group tweeted that the execution should be met with a strong reaction to prevent the killings of more protesters.


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