The best Christmas gifts for the people closest to you

By: Jayla Fields

Christmas shopping is a key part of the holidays. It’s snowing, coats and scarves are on, and windows are being defrosted for the trip to the mall. Now that it’s time to go: what needs to be bought? Or maybe online shopping is the best course of action because Amazon’s two-day shipping is a miracle.

It’s important to not break the bank getting gifts for loved ones. They wouldn’t want a wallet to be barren because of them. This list will ensure you save money while giving amazing gifts. Whether the shopping is for parents, siblings, friends, or teachers, these Christmas gifts will be perfect for each person.

Gifts for Parents

1. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

A massage for Christmas? Yes, please. This $50 massager heats up and provides deep kneading motions for tender muscles. Most parents tend to have knots and sore muscles, and this present will be a thoughtful gift for the folks.

2. Wireless charging station

Everyone has a parent who isn’t very tech-savvy and forgets to charge their phones and watches. This gift is also good for keeping all your electronics in one place without a million wires.

3. YETI Rambler

This durable cup is rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe. It also keeps drinks at the temperature it was when it was poured into the cup for a long amount of time.

Gifts for siblings

Siblings 13+

1. A record player

Need a gift for a music lover? A record player will be the best gift for a music fanatic. Maybe even pair the record player with some records of their favorite artist’s albums. A record player also serves as a good room decoration, too.

2. Gift cards

Gift cards are the safest gift to give someone. Whether it’s a gift card to a place a sibling for sure likes or a simple visa card (with this gift, a person can spend the allotted amount of money on the card almost anywhere.)

3. LED lights

This decoration is a great gift for your sibling who needs a pop of color in their bedrooms. These LED lights can be put anywhere–under beds, on the ceiling, around mirrors–and will be a great addition to a room.

Siblings 13 and under


Squishmallows are the latest craze, popular with kids ages 13 and under. Squishmallows are soft, round, stuffed animals that are colorful and embroidered with faces/designs. Watch as your little sibs’ faces light up when they are given this gift.


Fidgets are still popular with kids in the year 2022. With these fidgets, siblings under 13 can keep themselves busy and their brain focused. Fidgets can be used to help concentrate and keep nervous feelings at bay.


Legos have long been loved as a toy. Legos can be a good gift for children and for an adult’s inner child. These beloved building blocks come together to make buildings, spaceships, flowers, and so much more. When gifting a young sibling Legos, their brains are stimulated while also having fun.

Gifts for friends


Candy is a universal gift that almost everyone can appreciate. Chocolate, gummies, and hard candies are gifts to give that are affordable and a nice little present that shows someone you care about their sweet tooth.

2.Little plants

Little plants and succulents that don’t need too much maintenance are great gifts to give. They serve as good room decor and little green buddies.


One could never go wrong with room/house decor as gifts. Throw blankets, mirrors, and decorative pillows can make a room look put together. Plus, every time they look at the decor, they will be reminded of the person who gave it to them. Score.

Gifts for teachers

1.Student artwork

A true gift from the heart. Student artwork usually contains a lot of effort from the student who made it. This is a heartfelt present that any teacher would appreciate.

2.Thoughtful gifts

Remembering something about a person and then giving them a gift related to that thing is the best kind of gift to give and receive. Heartfelt, thoughtful gifts are appreciated more than random gifts.

3.A handwritten note saying “thank you”

Teachers love gifts from the heart. To teachers, a handwritten note is much preferred over a typed one. Write kind words on a piece of paper and say “Thank you.” Appreciate all the work teachers do for students because there is a lot of effort behind the scenes.


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