The Eagle Pride and Diversity Club seeks to include everyone

By: Kirsten Thomas

In the past, the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club has served as a supportive environment for members and allies LGBTQ+ community. This year it has been rebranded into the Eagle Pride and Diversity Club. The club is still passionate about building relationships and supporting LGBTQ+ students, but now seeks to include other diverse groups through its meetings and activities.

The club’s mission is to make sure all students are welcomed regardless of the social groups they may fall into.  A common misconception is that it is only for LGBTQ+ youth. “GSA stands for Gay-Straight Alliance,” co-advisor Stephanie Tomlin said. “Therefore, the club is welcoming to any and all students at Bellbrook High School who are looking to make a positive impact in their community.”

This fall, the club supported the Daybreak nonprofit, a refuge shelter in Dayton and emergency hotline for vulnerable and homeless youth. To learn how to be better leaders, club members attended the Teen Youth Summit in Dayton. Co-presidents Alyssa Lawson and Reagan Daily are dedicated to being a positive influence in the lives of their fellow students.  

The club meets every other Thursday after school until 4:20. Students can see Ms. Tomlin or Mrs. Sumner for details.


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