City of Bellbrook increasing the price of trash pick-up

By, Juliana Packard

As of November 19, there was an update on the city of Bellbrook website about how there is going to be an increase in the price of trash pick up, active January 1. The city of Bellbrook’s website stated that the increase in cost will be $21.50 per month, a $6.00 increase.

There will be no changes in services, just the increase in the cost. The City of Bellbrook’s website said that this is due to the city’s agreement with trash service Rumpke. 

There has been no notice of this increase other than on the website and a mail letter sent two weeks later. Most citizens of the city of Bellbrook are not informed and do not know about this increase in pricing until the newsletter. Most news in Bellbrook is sent out via mail.

Bellbrook homeowner Brian Hyland stated that he is comfortable with the change and it was less than what his wife paid while living in Kettering. He is all right with the change unless it increases more within the next year. 


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