Supportive Peers Hosts “Little Sweetheart Dance”

by Juliana Packard

The Supportive Peers organization is hosting a dance for parents and their children. It does not matter what parent or guardian attends, the only thing that matters is that all children are accompanied by an adult. 

The event will be on February 11 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in Bell Creek Intermediate gymnasium. All the proceeds will go to the Supportive Peers organization. Tickets are $10 per person. The dance is geared towards pre-K through 5th graders and their parents. 

The event is a dance; however, it will have crafts and games as well. Before the dance, there is an opportunity for young people to get their hair done by high school students by appointment. There will be activities such as face painting and making picture frames for a keepsake. Throughout the dance, there will be a photo booth available for parents and their children to participate in, as well as some awards such as “best dressed” and “best dancer” that would be given away.

Mrs. Rivero spoke about the dance, saying that she is beyond excited to be hosting the dance and the fun awards given. Rivero is the founder of Supportive Peers, and this is the first parent-child dance Supportive Peers will be hosting.

Emma DeWeese, a senior at Bellbrook High School, is helping plan the upcoming dance. DeWeese said that she is ecstatic about being able to have an event for younger kids and parents to participate in. DeWeese will be baking special baked goods just for this event.

To buy tickets, you can go to this Link


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