JROTC blood drive returns

By Ashtyn Praeter

JROTC hosted another blood drive Friday, February 3 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Bellbrook High School Auxiliary Gym. 

The donations go to The Community Blood Center (CBC) headquartered in downtown Dayton and serving the total blood needs of 30 local hospitals in 18 counties throughout Southwestern Ohio and Eastern Indiana.  

According to corps leader Lieutenant Colonel Gangaware, JROTC is hosting this event with a mission to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving our nation and community.” This event, along with others hosted by JROTC, reinforces missions for JROTC’S cadets and enables them to serve their community more. 

Gangaware’s vision for making a community impact came to life when the Community Blood Center asked if JROTC would host a spring blood drive in 2020, but the pandemic prevented it.

In 2021, HOSA was able to host their first fall blood drive. JROTC saw a chance to host a spring one. Now there will continue to be a fall and a spring blood drive every year. 

Bellbrook High School’s blood drive effort has sparked many positive reactions from many students and teachers involved.

Bellbrook High School’s nurse, Anna Valley, reinforced the positive impact of the blood drive. “I think that the blood drive is a great way for people to give back to their community,” Valley said. She will always try to donate blood when she can. 

Valley explained adverse reactions are rare, but not frequent enough to prevent potential donors from trying out the blood drive. 

Students agreed that their experiences with the blood drive were not bad and they would donate again. Students might miss class to donate, but many use their required study hall time for donation. If they miss class, they take home their classwork.

Students described why they were inspired to donate to this blood drive. The majority said that it was nice to know they were giving back to the community and helping people in need. 

Gangaware also described the way she felt knowing she helped somebody, in a small but impactful way.  “I did donate at the HOSA blood drive in December,” Gangaware said. “About two weeks after the drive, I got a text from the Community Blood Center saying that my blood was used by a patient in one of the local hospitals.  Even though I don’t know any of the details, it’s nice to know that I helped someone in some small way.”


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