Iran conflicts continue

By: Audrey Cable

Israel carried out a drone attack on an Iranian factory on January 30. Israel claimed that Iran’s potential to build a nuclear weapon was a threat to Israel’s existence. According to Reuters, there were no casualties and no serious damages.

As reported by Forbes, two of the three drones that were involved in the attack ended up getting caught in traps while the third one was shot down by air defense inside of the factory. 

According to VOA News, over 516 protesters have died in Iran due to the oppressive regime, which has been in power since 1989. In the fall of 2022, Mahsa Amini died in the hospital after Iran’s morality police arrested her for her improper hijab. She received severe head trauma, according to Iran international.

Protests have continued in Iran due to lack of freedom of expression, violations of women’s rights, internet cutoffs, and brutality carried out during protests. 

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