Bellbrook High School welcomes new JROTC instructor

by Ashtyn Praeter

Chief Master Sergeant Brady McCoy is the newest member of the Bellbrook High School staff. McCoy is teaching the JROTC class alongside Lieutenant Gangaware. 

“I love coaching and mentoring people of all ages,” McCoy said. “And spend most of my time right now reading books and listening to music. I grew up in West Virginia, so bluegrass is my go-to on those days that I just need to relax and enjoy the air.”

McCoy thinks life is all about having a mindset based on growth, moving through our lives.

McCoy looks forward to meeting new people at BHS. “I am hoping to gain some perspective from both the students and teachers that will help me become a better instructor and person,” McCoy said. “I think many people grow up and think they have learned as much as they can. I tend to lean towards continuous improvement in both my personal life and my professional life.”

“My wife and I came to Ohio to be closer to family after 29 years of military service. We came out to visit our son last year in Hartville, Ohio, and fell in love with the environment. We made some small trips back and forth and decided we wanted to live in Ohio.”

When he arrived in Ohio, he took note that Bellbrook High School had an open JROTC instructor spot, and McCoy jumped at the opportunity.  His goal: “To continue to help young women and men develop and go out into the world.”

“The school is a great size and allows very good student-to-teacher interaction,” McCoy said.


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