Willow Project threatens to increase global warming 

By: Audrey Cable

The Willow Project was an idea proposed by ConocoPhillips, one of the world’s largest independent gas exploration and production companies. The project is a mass decade-long oil drilling venture on Alaska’s North Slope that some states lawmakers are saying will create jobs and boost domestic energy.

According to Forbes, President Biden has long supported this project, but some of those in his administration aren’t on board with the idea. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) stated that they will have their final decision on the Willow Project soon.

A petition to stop the Willow Project has collected more than two million signatures. According to Open Access Government, the Willow Project will produce “the equivalent of more than 278 million tonnes (306 million short tonnes) of greenhouse gasses over its 30-year life.” This will affect the environment and increase the rate of climate change. 

The change that this project will have to earth’s climate if it gets passed will be nearly impossible to fix. Alaska’s wilderness will be at threat and so will the public health of communities nearby.


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