What type of spring break vacation fits your unique personality?

By Emma Forshee

With spring break just a few hours away, everyone is thinking about how they plan to spend their vacation. Whether you stay at home, or hit the road, this quiz will tell you what your ideal vacation is!

You finally get home from a long day of classes. Do you…
A. Take a walk?
B. Call a friend to talk about your day?
C. Start your detailed self care routine?
D. Immediately start scrolling through social media?

What kind of music is on your road trip playlist?
A. Chill ambient tunes
B. 2010’s hits
C. Country music
D. 90’s alternative

Which color best suits you?
A. Sage green
B. All of them!
C. Soft baby blue
D. Black darker than the dead of night

Who will you take on vacation?
A. Your family
B. The squad
C. Your significant other
D. No one – you go it alone

You decide to order takeout while on vacation. Do you get…
A. Something you’ve never tried before?
B. Ice cream!
C. Comfort food…something familiar?
D. Spicy food?

What is your symbolic animal?
A. A sloth
B. A golden retriever
C. A unicorn
D. A lion

What is one thing you HAVE to do while on vacation?
​​A. Explore nature
B. Swim (obviously)
C. See some historical sights
D. Stay in and watch TV

If you chose mostly A’s, you belong in Grand Tetons National Park. Your laid back and chill personality means you’re up for any adventure. You will enjoy hiking, camping, and stargazing while you take a break from civilization. 

If you chose mostly B’s, it’s time to take a roadtrip to sunny California to visit Pismo Beach! With your outgoing and extroverted personality, you are ready to meet new people and enjoy the beach. You might find a new favorite restaurant and even some amazing best friends, all while getting a gorgeous tan. 

If you chose mostly C’s, you better book your cruise now because you’re going to the Bahamas! You are deeply emotional and will enjoy a break from the chaos that is your normal life while sailing over gorgeous blue waters. You will enjoy sightseeing and curling up on a warm beach with a comforting novel. 

If you chose mostly D’s, you belong on a long solo backpacking trip in Sequoia National Forest. You deserve some time off from the day-to-day annoyances while admiring trees as big as your personality. Whether you hike, swim, or sleep, the forest is the best place for you to get your rest.  


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