Rating Met Gala Outfits

by Ashtyn Praeter

The Met Gala was held on May 1. The Met Gala showcases creative outfits to a theme. According to Vogue, the 2023 Met Gala dress code was “in honor of Karl” and examined the work of Karl Lagerfeld. The designer worked at prominent fashion houses such as Balmain, Chloé, Fendi, and Chanel, in addition to his own brand. More than 150 of his pieces are on display in the Met Museum in New York, many of which are accompanied by Lagerfeld’s sketches.

Doja Cat’s outfit was borderline scary. Overall the outfit gets a 3/10. The nails and the jewelry pieces were nice and brought the outfit up from a rating of 0. On the other hand, the makeup look was…not it. I get her name includes “cat,” but her making herself look like a cat is terrifying. The nose looked so real and it was overall creepy. If the dress and jewelry stayed, and the cat face was just a normal makeup look, then the outfit would have been simple and probably won the highest rating of all outfits.

Lil Nas X’s outfit consisted of painting himself completely silver. He included an eye piece, high boots, and small tight shorts. Although this outfit wasn’t terrifying, it was weird. The whole outfit made me uncomfortable to look at. Overall it gets a 4/10. The boots would have been cute on somebody else with a normal outfit, and the eyepiece as well.

Jenna Ortegas’s ensemble fit her and the roles she has played such as Wednesday Addams. The outfit consisted of a black dress with a train, gold chains, a white undershirt, a black bow tie, and puffy sleeves. The outfit wasn’t the usual spectacle of the Met Gala. It would have been adorable with just the dress, boots, and chain accessories. Her hair, makeup, and accessories really saved the outfit though. Overall Jenna Ortega’s outfit was a 6/10.

Kendall Jenner in Marc Jacobs and Wolford really outdid much of the competition. The outfit included a black piece with half cut, flowing sleeves. It had a diamond collar with diamond earrings, then knee high boots. Compared to the other outfits, this one was sleek and not over-the-top. The only  thing that threw me off was the extra large collar. It was disproportionate to the outfit. I feel as though the outfit would have been better executed if there was more of a bottom piece and not a one piece. Overall this outfit gets a 9/10.

The best outfit, by far, was Kim Kardashian in Schiaparelli. Her outfit was a neutral bottom and top piece with pearls strung across the top and bottom. It included simple heels and accessories like a ring. Her outfit also had a beautiful back piece that cut off on her arms and dragged behind. The outfit was stunning and sharp. It looked very elegant. Her hair was also nicely done. The only thing that I would change is taking the large neckpiece away. Other than that, Kim blew everyone else out of the competition. Her outfit stands at a 10/10.


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