Fall-bulous Fashion

by Bergen Eppers Fall is finally here, the season where we can finally wear jeans and sweaters, but what is in style this year? According to what is making the runways, celebrity sightings, and even everyday items from your local fashionista, here are some outfit choices that will spice up your wardrobe this season for those fall activities: Plaid Shirts. You can never go wrong with … Continue reading Fall-bulous Fashion

“Me, Myselfie, and I”

by Bergen Eppers From Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or any social media sites, we are all engulfed in selfies. Sending an image of us to the world, we can change the way they view us, with new filters, lighting, or angles, showing different personas of ourselves.  Selfies may be all the rage now, but self-portraiture was used by artists before they could see their reflections. It … Continue reading “Me, Myselfie, and I”

Homecoming Dinner? Got You Covered

by Bergen Eppers With Homecoming just around the corner, proposals made and dresses bought, groups are looking for a nice place to eat out on the special night. Based on price, distance (10 miles and under), and reviews, here are the top 10 restaurants to make your night a memorable (and tasty) one: Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Located in on N Fairfield Road, this Tex-Mex restaurant, … Continue reading Homecoming Dinner? Got You Covered

Harry Potter Hits Hard on Fans

by Bergen Eppers Released July 31, 2016, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was bought by many eager people to continue what they read from childhood. After months of patient waiting, their trembling fingers turned the pages and they are all reacting. Written by co-authors J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany and called the fastest-selling book of the decade, the story once again follows … Continue reading Harry Potter Hits Hard on Fans