Rare Mid-Atlantic Earthquake hits Delaware

By: Chelsea Cozad Residents of Dover, Delaware, were shocked by a rare earthquake that hit at about 4:45 on Thursday afternoon, November 30. It registered at a 4.1 magnitude on the Richter scale and was found to have originated about 6 miles northeast of Dover. Although no damage or injuries were reported, many residents felt the vibrations of the earthquake, some as far away as … Continue reading Rare Mid-Atlantic Earthquake hits Delaware

Delhi Air Posing Major Health Risks

By: Chelsea Cozad The health of 90 million people who live in Delhi, India is being compromised due to increasingly damaging pollution problems. More and more residents are complaining to doctors of chest pain and problems breathing–for a valid reason. Their city is covered in a hazy white fog caused purely by mass pollution. The U.S. embassy air quality index considers anything registering over a … Continue reading Delhi Air Posing Major Health Risks

What Disney Character are You Based on Your Sign?

By: Chelsea Cozad Aquarius: Jim (Treasure Planet) You will fight wholeheartedly for any cause you see worthy and use your intellect to help. You are also a deep thinker, like Jim, as well as a good listener. Pisces: Princess Giselle (Enchanted) You have a burning desire to escape the realities of everyday life. You’re a hopeless romantic and your kind and gentle demeanor makes you … Continue reading What Disney Character are You Based on Your Sign?

Chilling Black Lemonade Recipe

By: Chelsea Cozad This recipe easily morphs an everyday drink into a spooky beverage. Its fearsome black color is obtained from activated charcoal. Before you gag at the thought of drinking charcoal, let’s go through some things: activated charcoal has absolutely no flavor and contains many health benefits including teeth whitening, anti-aging, and toxin removal. The recipe is super easy and is sure to chill guests to the … Continue reading Chilling Black Lemonade Recipe

Activities to do Before Halloween

By: Chelsea Cozad The spookiest day of the year is quickly approaching and we all know as soon as the costumes are hung up and the makeup is wiped off, the holiday season immediately begins. So instead of celebrating for a mere few hours, expand the fun into weekdays and weekends before with these 5 easy and memorable activities! Haunted Houses If you’re looking to … Continue reading Activities to do Before Halloween

Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Treats

By: Chelsea Cozad Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means: bribing people to be your friends with pumpkin spice lattes and your world-famous cinnamon bread. Don’t have the budget to constantly supply everybody with a Venti drink? Did you lose that cinnamon bread recipe? No need to worry, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will make you the most liked person … Continue reading Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Treats