Thanksgiving Blues

  photo courtesy of ClipArt by Rachel Giffin Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, jack-o-lanterns and Christmas trees, and lost amidst the mad dashes to deliver candy to children on either October 31 or December 25, there is one day which seems to be mentioned less and less every year. What day is that? Black Friday? Not really. Thanksgiving is a time where kids can get … Continue reading Thanksgiving Blues

Heartbreak and Heath: The Effects of Emotional Trauma On Your Body

photo courtesy of By Rachel Giffin Researchers at have come stumbled upon something that we all inherently know but seem to always avoid talking about: heartbreak affects every aspect of your life, from work to grades to relationships with other people. As human beings, we have or will have experienced this at some point in our lives. Now we must figure out why and how … Continue reading Heartbreak and Heath: The Effects of Emotional Trauma On Your Body

Sharing Is Not Caring

By: Rachel Giffin This time of the year, we see an increase of colds, coughs, and everything in between. It’s really impossible to go through our daily lives without coming into contact with these unfortunate illnesses, but protecting yourself is completely within bounds. Is our only option to lock ourselves away and become hermits? Not exactly. But limiting contact with potentially contaminated surfaces is advised. … Continue reading Sharing Is Not Caring