Sharing Is Not Caring

By: Rachel Giffin

This time of the year, we see an increase of colds, coughs, and everything in between. It’s really impossible to go through our daily lives without coming into contact with these unfortunate illnesses, but protecting yourself is completely within bounds.

Is our only option to lock ourselves away and become hermits? Not exactly. But limiting contact with potentially contaminated surfaces is advised. Other precautions to keep yourself healthy during this change in seasons include the use of hand sanitizer, eating daily vitamins, healthy eating and, best of all, continual sanitation of surrounding surfaces.  Sound tedious? Of course it does. But when the world around you is constantly calling sick days, you’ll be glad you’re still on your feet.

Already sick? Remember to wash your hands, and try your best not to needlessly touch anything you don’t have to. Protect others by sneezing/coughing away from them or, better yet, into a tissue or a cloth. Improve your health with vitamins, herbal tea and healthy foods. Don’t share anything with anyone, no matter how nice you are. No pencils, water bottles, calculators, etc. They won’t thank you if they start sniffling, too.

It’s no fun to feel like a walking germ factory, like many of us do during cold season. But it doesn’t last forever, and with proper precautions, it doesn’t have to last at all. During this time of year, we all know that sharing is NOT caring. Especially our colds.


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