Thursday Night Lights Come to Bellbrook

by Lauren Redfern

Football season is upon us, and the Bellbrook Eagles entered their first home game on September 8  with a record of 2-0. This game was different than normal since it was on a Thursday night. Bellbrook was part of Fox 45/Abc 22 Thursday Night Lights feature, so the game was broadcast, escalating the excitement.

The Eagles played the Tecumseh Arrows, who entered the game with record of 1-1.  Bellbrook could definitely feel the buzz in the school that Thursday as game time quickly approached. 7:00 p.m. was the kickoff time for that night, but due to thunderstorms and severe lighting the game time was pushed back  almost an hour. When 8:00 p.m. finally came around, the student section called The Nest was in a whiteout to support their team.

The football team this year has 16 seniors and many of them are starters as well. Senior Chad Furderer said, “The team has never played in a televised game before.” With television comes TV timeouts. Senior Captain Tom Orbash said, “The TV timeouts definitely gave us a break.” The first touchdown in the game came from sophomore quarterback Brendan Labensky with 4th and goal which he pushed into the end zone. Bellbrook continued with momentum when senior Chandler Wren ran for 70 yards on 3rd and 10. To end the first half, Labensky threw 29 yards to junior Jack Campbell for a touchdown pass. The Eagles went into halftime with 20-0 lead. The rain came down hard in the second off but that did not stop sophomore Justin Sloan and senior Jordan Baraldi from adding touchdown runs to the score.

With 6:56 left in the fourth quarter, the game was called due to lighting. The win was given to Bellbrook with a final score of 32-0.


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