Withdrawing from the Front Line

By Kyle Van Pelt On Sunday, October 6, Donald Trump made the pivotal decision to order withdraw from northern Syria, initiating a cascade of events hurling lives into peril. All American soldiers in the region will move to safer areas in Syria, leaving behind their mission of maintaining peace between Kurdish fighters and Turkish soldiers. With the absence of American special forces, Turkey has already … Continue reading Withdrawing from the Front Line

Is War on the Horizon?

By Kyle Van Pelt On September 14, United States ally Saudi Arabia was attacked by drones launched from within Iran’s borders, temporarily hindering the Saudi’s crucial oil production ability. While Saudi Arabia and the United States have yet to publicly confirm Iran’s responsibility, the CIA already believes that the Iranian military was responsible for at least production and supply of the weapons used. Between the … Continue reading Is War on the Horizon?

The Lungs Of the Earth Ablaze

By Kyle Van Pelt Within the last weeks of August and at the beginning weeks of September, wildfires in the Amazon Basin have burned nearly 7,000 square miles of Brazilian rainforest, igniting tense international debate about Brazilian sovereignty, international aid, and how humanity should interact with the Amazon rainforest. All the while, creatures of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem, many Indigenous peoples, and Brazil’s everyday … Continue reading The Lungs Of the Earth Ablaze