Developing The Healthy Addiction: Exercise

by Kyle Van Pelt Of the countless addictions possible for humans, there is one predominantly healthy one, but getting addicted to it is not as easy as picking up a cookie or a Juul. This helpful addiction is exercise, especially vigorous exercise. With the correct repetition and observable results, anyone can intentionally addict themselves to working out regularly. Hardcore physical exertion is extremely hormonal specifically … Continue reading Developing The Healthy Addiction: Exercise

Living the Island Life

by Kyle Van Pelt Lifestyles around the world all have some unique qualities, and Hawaii is home to the exceptional “Island Lifestyle”. This peculiar way of life is not exclusive to the Hawaiian islands or any place; it is expressed as an attitude of limitless acceptance of others, willingness to try almost anything, a Buddha-like calmness, and a very outward kindness.  While not exclusively Hawaiian … Continue reading Living the Island Life

The Rivalry Is Played Out

By Kyle Van Pelt On November 30, 2019, the Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide met to play the 83rd Iron Bowl at Auburn University’s Jordan-Hare Stadium. The relative underdogs, Auburn, managed to pull off a narrow 48-45 victory in a game filled with explosive plays and costly mistakes.  The Auburn – Alabama rivalry is something unique. Both teams are likely NCAA championship contenders nearly … Continue reading The Rivalry Is Played Out

The Big Ones Break in Maui

By: Kyle Van Pelt On December 12 at 7:30 AM Hawaii time, the Jaws Big Wave Tournament began. Surfers faced a gargantuan swell with 40 foot plus waves at Maui’s infamous Pe’ahi break. Hawaii natives Billy Kemper and Paige Alms won the tournament by demonstrating impeccable skills and avoiding potentially lethal wipeouts.  Big Wave tournaments such as the one at Pe’ahi only invite the greatest … Continue reading The Big Ones Break in Maui

Alabama and LSU Play a Game of the Century

by Kyle Van Pelt LSU and Alabama entered Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday, November 9 as the second and third best-rated college football teams by the NCAA, while many coaches and players believed either team to be the best team in the NCAA. LSU was coming off of an eight-game losing streak to the Crimson Tide, but they finally had a team with comparable talent … Continue reading Alabama and LSU Play a Game of the Century

Lethwei: Ancient Brutality Living in the Modern Day

by Kyle Van Pelt Deep in the jungles of Myanmar, the bravest, most tenacious people train to master arguably the most brutal martial art practiced today.  Lethwei translates to The Art of Nine Limbs in English, as a fighter uses their legs, knees, hands, elbows, and head to strike opponents in vicious kickboxing matches. Fighters endure 5 three-minute rounds and can only win by either … Continue reading Lethwei: Ancient Brutality Living in the Modern Day

Journeying to the Stars: Musk Unveils Newest Spacecraft

By Kyle Van Pelt On the evening of September 28, owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, unveiled what is by far the largest, longest-ranged spacecraft ever constructed. The 50 meter tall Starship mk 1 will be placed atop the 67 meter Falcon Super Heavy to create the entire launch vehicle collectively called Starship. The Starship prototype has a cargo bay capacity of slightly over one hundred … Continue reading Journeying to the Stars: Musk Unveils Newest Spacecraft

Withdrawing from the Front Line

By Kyle Van Pelt On Sunday, October 6, Donald Trump made the pivotal decision to order withdraw from northern Syria, initiating a cascade of events hurling lives into peril. All American soldiers in the region will move to safer areas in Syria, leaving behind their mission of maintaining peace between Kurdish fighters and Turkish soldiers. With the absence of American special forces, Turkey has already … Continue reading Withdrawing from the Front Line

Is War on the Horizon?

By Kyle Van Pelt On September 14, United States ally Saudi Arabia was attacked by drones launched from within Iran’s borders, temporarily hindering the Saudi’s crucial oil production ability. While Saudi Arabia and the United States have yet to publicly confirm Iran’s responsibility, the CIA already believes that the Iranian military was responsible for at least production and supply of the weapons used. Between the … Continue reading Is War on the Horizon?

The Lungs Of the Earth Ablaze

By Kyle Van Pelt Within the last weeks of August and at the beginning weeks of September, wildfires in the Amazon Basin have burned nearly 7,000 square miles of Brazilian rainforest, igniting tense international debate about Brazilian sovereignty, international aid, and how humanity should interact with the Amazon rainforest. All the while, creatures of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem, many Indigenous peoples, and Brazil’s everyday … Continue reading The Lungs Of the Earth Ablaze