Living the Island Life

by Kyle Van Pelt

Lifestyles around the world all have some unique qualities, and Hawaii is home to the exceptional “Island Lifestyle”. This peculiar way of life is not exclusive to the Hawaiian islands or any place; it is expressed as an attitude of limitless acceptance of others, willingness to try almost anything, a Buddha-like calmness, and a very outward kindness. 

While not exclusively Hawaiian this “Island Lifestyle” or “Aloha Spirit” is by far more common there than anywhere else. This fact is best illustrated in everyday life by one of the World’s most common nuisances: traffic jams. From the continental United States, to China, Europe, and even the tropical Philippine islands traffic jams lead to angry and sometimes violent interactions. Hawaii is completely different, as traffic is actually a pleasant experience. Seemingly everyone will smile and wave to each other, even going so far as to talk to complete strangers through their car windows in the slowest moving traffic. Regardless of the situation, in Hawaii, everyone loves everyone else and not only remain calm under stress, but also stay kind. 

The “Island Lifestyle” may be totally foreign to most people in this world of conflicting ideologies, but it is frequently considered the most beautiful thing Hawaii has to show its visitors, surpassing any mountain or wave break. Therefore, it is also the grandest souvenir one can take from the Islands. From a complete stranger teaching a teenage boy how to surf, to a middle school football team haphazardly deciding to spend their Saturday morning working at a homeless shelter, the “Aloha Spirit” is like a religion without the conflict, judgment, dedication, or exclusion. Living “Island Lifestyle” is likely the epitome of compassion and has filled Hawaii with calm, happy people who will hopefully influence us all. 


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